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Energy Saving Tips

Energy Savings
Energy Savings
  1. Replace your electric hot water system with a new solar hot water system, whether it be a electric boosted system or a gas boosted system. With all the rebates available, solar hot water has never been more affordable and it is the single largest difference you can make to reduce electricity consumption.
  2. Change your light bulbs to energy efficient light bulbs. Replacing only 6 standard light bulbs with compact fluorescent or LED lights will save the planet 400kg of carbon dioxide per year! If you have unusual light fittings, contact us at Holiday Coast Solar and we will tell you what you need to do.
  3. Turn off your electrical devices! No standby! Every time we turn of our TV, DVD and stereo off with the remote they continue to use power turn them off at the appliance, if planning a new house consider have your electrician install a master switch to turn of groups of appliances for convenience, Remember to turn your computer to sleep if you leave it for a while and shut it down often. Onto standby with the remote rather than OFF appliance we are contributing to the waste of massive amounts of carbon dioxide? Small battery chargers for mobiles etc use the same power if plugged in as when charging. One average household alone, if placing all these items on standby, would be responsible for thousands of kilograms of greenhouse gas a year and pay for it. Standby power accounts for around 7% of energy usage in Australia.
  4. Refrigeration. Did you know that by adjusting your fridge thermostat down by 2 degrees in winter, and up again by 2 degrees in summer, you could save about 900kg of carbon dioxide a year? Just keep your food cool, no need to freeze the lettuce! Also, if you have two fridges operating in your house, fill one and turn the other one off. Fridges use heaps of power and create tonnes of greenhouse gases!
  5. Air Conditioning. Try to use sparingly as it is providing the greatest increase in greenhouse gas production. You can save huge amounts of energy particularly in commercial air conditioners. Set the air conditioner at a comfortable 24 degrees for every degree below this your air con may use an additional 20% more power.
  6. Keep correct pressure in your tyres! Keeping your tyres at the optimal inflation levels can improve your car’s fuel efficiency. And with the price of petrol these days, who needs any more incentive? Every litre of fuel save 2.5 kilogram of greenhouse gas.
  7. HOT water: Install an energy efficient showerheads and save atmosphere 3 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. Use cold water to wash your clothes 225 KG saved per year
  8. Recycle everything you can.  ever let anything get away? Please try and recycle as much as  possible. The less impact we have at a local level, the better.
  9. Avoid buying foods and other goods that have a lot of packaging or travelled a huge distance to get to you. Along with recycling, if we can all reduce our garbage by 10%, we’ll save 545kg per annum of carbon dioxide EACH!
  10. Want a lift to work? Need to get more exercise? If you bike to work, get a lift, or catch public transport, you can make a serious difference! For every 5 km you don’t drive, you’ll save the planet one and a half kilograms of carbon dioxide.
  11. Do something special for the environment, yourself and your family and friends. Plant a tree! A single tree will absorb approximately one tonne of carbon dioxide in its lifetime. As it’s doing its duty for the planet, you’ll be able to watch its progress and relax in the shade it provides for you. Perfect!
  12. Buy energy efficient appliances. See links below.

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