Solar Hot Water


Split System with Gas Boost

Never has it been more important to reduce our impact on the environment than now!

Heating water uses more than 30 per cent of our entire household electricity consumption. Switching from electric hot water to solar hot water can save a family 3-4 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year.

With rising electricity costs and thousands of dollars in rebates available, solar hot water has never been so affordable. Government rebates are due to finish in 2012 and the sale of electric hot water tanks are slowly being phased out nationally.

So why not make the switch to Solar NOW! Reduce your electricity bill and save our planet.

Holiday Coast Solar is proud to be in partnership with Rinnai Australia, using Australian made solar hot water systems, designed in Australia for Australian conditions, backed by over 70 years experience in the hot water Industry.

Rinnai Solar hot water systems include electric or gas boosted systems, on roof or split systems, frost tolerant or standard panels.  Rinnai Prestige models have long life stainless steel tanks that exceed Australia’s minimum energy performance standards by 20 %, and are specifically designed for solar hot water systems.  All new high efficiency panels, combine with the tank to provide an extremely efficient system.

When choosing a solar hot water system for your home, the REC’s(renewable energy certificates) awarded to every make and model of solar hot water systems, are a good way to compare efficiency, as the systems are all government tested. The higher the REC’s, the better the system.

Cosed Coupled on Roof System

Closed Coupled on Roof System

Rinnai Prestige (most common systems)

Split Systems

Mid Element  315 ltr / 2 Panel Electric Boost                       35 Rec,s

Mid Element  315 ltr / 3 Panel Electric Boost                       38 Rec,s

Gas Boosted   315 ltr / 2 Panel                                          43 Rec,s

Close Coupled (on Roof)

330 ltr / 2 Panel Electric Boost                                          35 Rec’s

330 ltr / 2 Panel Frost Protected  Electric Boost                  35 Rec,s

As of 20th of February 2010, the Federal Government has reduced the Solar Hot Water rebate from $1600.00 to $1000.00 for Solar Hot Water systems ($600.00 for Heat Pumps) and has discontinued the failed insulation rebate. On the 15th of January, the NSW goverment reduced the Solar Hot Water rebate to a flat $300.00 for all Solar Hot Water Systems including Heat Pumps.

Many more systems available